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Game Board

The screen shot below shows the entire Brain Freeze game board.

The Brain Freeze game board is made up of individual triangular game pieces. The table below describes game pieces in various states you will recognize during regular game play.

Game Piece Matched Game Piece Clicked Game Piece Marked Game Piece
This game piece is clickable. It is hiding a picture that needs to be matched with another game piece on the game board. But watch out! It may be hiding a Brain Freezer! This game piece has been matched. Once you have matched two game pieces, they are removed from the game board and are no longer clickable. This game piece has been clicked and is not a Brain Freezer. Once clicked a game piece will display the hidden picture. This is a marked game piece. Once marked you cannot click it. You can unmark the game piece. Refer to the section entitled Marking Game Pieces for more information.

Clues and Clue Groups

The image to the left is a clue group. It is defined as the six game pieces surrounding a numeric clue.

The clue at center of a clue group represents the number of Brain Freezers contained within the clue group. The clues are extremely important in deducing the location of Brain Freezers. Refer to the Game Strategy section for more information about figuring out how to locate Brain Freezers.