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Marking a Game Piece

Why would you want to mark a game piece?

Marking a game piece comes in handy once you think you have figured out the location of a Brain Freezer.

Once marked, you will not be able to accidentally click on a game piece that is hiding a Brain Freezer and lose the game.

In the Game Strategy section, there is a discussion on how figure out which game pieces might be hiding Brain Freezers.

How do you mark a game piece?

While holding down the control key, click a game piece using the left mouse button.

You will notice the cursor changes to a diamond when you hold the control key down and move the mouse over a game piece.

The diamond cursor is your cue that clicking a game piece will mark the game piece as a potential Brain Freezer.

If you find that you have marked the wrong game piece, you can unmark it by simply clicking on the game piece again while holding down the control key.