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Peeking behind a Game Piece

Why would you want to peek behind a game piece?

Sometimes it is very hard to determine the exact location of Brain Freezers.

For those tricky situations, you can always guess and let fate determine the outcome of the game. But for those who hate to lose, there are limited number peeks to help you determine if a game piece if a Brain Freezer or not.

In the Game Strategy section, there is a discussion about when it might be appropriate to use peeks.

How do you peek behind a game piece?

While holding down the control key and the shift key at the same time, click a game piece using the left mouse button.

You will notice the cursor changes to a question mark when you hold these two keys down and move the mouse over a game piece.

The question mark cursor is your cue that clicking a game piece will peek behind the game piece.

When using a peek, you will see one of the following messages.


Keep in mind that there are only a limited number of peeks per game. So use them wisely!