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Game Strategy

Brain Freeze can be a very challenging game. It requires a bit of deductive reasoning to win. But it's not as hard as it seems!!!

Figuring out the location of Brain Freezers

This is probably the most commen question that new players have. The animation to the left shows the logic of how to locate Brain Freezers.

The animation repeats, so if you miss it the first time, you can watch it again!

Remember to mark the game piece once you figured out where a Brain Freezer is.

Using Peeks Wisely

You have a limited number of peeks per game, so it's important to use them wisely! The screen shot to the left shows the most common place where a peek really comes in handy.

If you are unclear on how to peek at a game piece, click here.

The game pieces marked "OK" can be inferred because the shared game pieces are part of a clue group with a clue equal to zero.

That means the Brain Freezer will be found in the three game pieces that are not shared with other clue groups. So, there is no way to deduce the location of the Brain Freezer.

To find the location of the Brain Freezer, you might have to use two peeks (if you are not lucky). That is, if you peek at two of the three game pieces in question and neither of the two are Brain Freezers, you know that the one you haven't clicked on is the Brain Freezer. Resist the urge to use that third peek just to make sure! They are too valuable to waste!