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Game Overview

Brain Freeze - The Meltdown? Now that�s an odd name for a game, right?

On the contrary! Brain Freeze is an extraordinarily fun game that exercises your logic and memory. So, if you have a momentary lapse of brain function and lose the game, you can say, "Oh... I just had a Brain Freeze!"

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So What's the Object of the Game?

The object of the game is to match the pictures hidden behind the game pieces on the game board. You can only display two pictures at a time. If they do not match, as shown in the sample, the pictures will be hidden again.

But there is a twist -- avoid a Brain Freezer !!!

Sprinkled throughout the game board are several game pieces that are hiding Brain Freezers.

Don't Despair! In the center of six adjoining game pieces is a clue. This clue represents the number of Brain Freezers in the group of six game pieces. Don't click on a Brain Freezeer or you will lose the game! Match all the pictures hidden behind the game pieces without clicking on a Brain Freezer and you win the game!